17" HDSDI Quad Standard Monitor

Offering considerable advantages, weight and space saving in compact environments, quad HD screens can replace several separate devices and deliver truly superb, highly detailed images.  Each image can be individually adjusted to suit the incoming signal format. The full layout; including background colour, image size and text position can be configured to meet viewing requirements. Making Vutrix Professional Quad HD screens the most flexible and accurate available.

No Latency impact in quad mode.


  • Input options: SDI, HDSDI
  • Integral quad processing
  • Internal test screen generator
  • No Latency impact in quad mode
  • On-screen audio meters
  • Accept all formats of HD signals
  • Adjustable aspect ratio
  • Adjustable colour temperature
  • Adjustable deinterlacer
  • Adjustable reverse gamma
  • Black stretch
  • Colorimitry set to broadcast standard
  • Extensive image controls
  • Fully network addressable and controllable
  • Graphic mode
  • Individual RGB gain
  • Overscan control
  • Reveal blanking
  • Safe area cages
  • Separate RGB channel monitoring
  • UMD and Tally information

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